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“The girl’s father was a return
from Rum. My father objected, ‘I do not add Greek blood to my lineage’… Maybe it was
right. Since Gönül did not listen to the edict, we decided to kidnap the girl… I had

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intermediary women. Bringer of news. I learned from them that the girl would come to the

fountain the next day. On the other hand, the girl has henna preparation. This is over, we
said we should prevent it.” There is a narrow street between the girl’s house and Kuruçeşme.
We pulled the car to the end of the street. We had already shoeed the horses the day

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before. The girl filled the jugs with water and put them on her shoulder. The street is
narrow, there is no place to flee. It’s early in the morning. I got the girl. I hit the wall. The
water jugs on his shoulder were broken. I hugged him and threw him in the car. We whipped the horses. We set off… The coachman lost his way. He turned to Eskişehir road. Already the

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coachman Rasheed had epilepsy. He has a seizure, trembling. I cover the girl’s mouth with
one hand and hold Rasheed with the other. I will grab the halter and get on the horses, but this time the others will fall from the carriage. The horses are running stray. Suddenly, a
truck appeared in the opposite direction. Seeing the truck, the horses were startled, the car

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left the main road and turned into the forest road… We call it Kızıltepe Forest, The forest onthe other side. Meanwhile, the nation was after us. The gendarme turned the cavalry from
one side; On the other hand, the relatives of the girl’s fiancé came upon us… We had to
surrender.” I was sentenced to one year. The year is 1944, the single-party period… I started singing folk songs with saz during my first twenty-seven days in prison in Seyitgazi. The song

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spilled out of the prison. The folk song has become so famous that Eskişehir is collapsing… As
I finish my day and leave, Hakkı Efendi, that is, the girl’s father, sends news and says, ‘He
should come to us when he is released, let’s talk’. But my father refuses. I did not go to them
by taking my father in front of me.” “I am seeing the girl, but I did not go to her father. In
fact, I never forget, the girl sent me a circle through intermediaries. I realized it wouldn’thappen, my father refuses, I left the land in 1948 and went to Ankara.” Mustafa Tuna is
getting married. The girl he loves is also getting married. He returned to Seyitgazi after many
years. He doesn’t want to say the name of the woman he loves. Because he used to live
there, too. Here are some parts of the famous folk song: “Your eyebrows are black, your
edicts are written, / This love will take me around the land, / If Lokman Physician comes, mywound will hurt, / Heal my wound, let him come by himself” Nenni! Nanni, nanni!. Baby
nanni! A bunch of red rose petals! If you ask how it is, you need to open the language of the
song…You have to go and ask the song: “O what is the song, this bunch of red roses and
nenni!. Baby granny… Balam, granny”. Does this bunch of roses and reds convey a feeling to
your lover? Why are red roses and not prairie daisies? A bunch of red roses, rather than
daisies gathered from the field, like an ox-eye, wrapped in white, straight wrapped? Don’t
they have a love language? They fold the emoticon rose… But only one!. Wouldn’t you saythat you are my only rose, the place in my heart is as wide as the wildflowers, as rich and
natural as the wildflowers? But we will not know better than you!. You chose a red rose. And
a bunch of bunches… Oh, and there’s also the issue of ‘balam’! You say baby… You say
‘Grandma’, you say ‘He’s gone’. Or is this a mother’s call to her honeymoon and her baby?
Was it said about the honeymoon left in Şol Revan? REVAN, with its current name YEREVAN,
that is, the capital of Armenia today. When the event that is the subject of our Turks
happened, it is probably after the 17th century.



At home, the two selfish sisters did not move a finger as they listened to their father’s
terrible adventures. Their father did not bring them clothes and jewellery, they were furious.
But Güzel did not do like them. “Father, let me go,” he said without hesitation. “Of course

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you’re going, it’s your fault,” said his brothers. “The Beast wouldn’t have thought of killing
our father if you hadn’t pinned it because I wanted a rose.” Three months later, the merchant went to the castle with Guzel. Everything was as he saw it for the first time: there was no one

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else around, the table was ready. When they finished eating their food, the Beast appeared.
Beauty began to tremble with fear, for the Beast was as terrifying as his father had told him,
and even more terrifying! “Did you come here voluntarily?” asked the Monster. “Yes,” said
Beautiful. “Then your father will leave here in the morning and will never come here again.”

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In the morning, when her father leaves, Güzel is left alone. She cried for a while at first, but
then she remembered her dream and relaxed a little. “Don’t worry, your courage to save your father’s life will not go unrewarded,” a fairy told him in his dream. Maybe I’ll get used to this
life,’ she thought, a little bit of her joy. He wandered in the garden, looking at the roses, and
he was filled with sadness. Then he toured the inside of the castle. He was very surprised to

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see his name written on one of the room doors. He opened the door and looked inside. The
room was furnished exactly as he wanted it, full of books and musical instruments. ‘Since the
beast is trying to make me comfortable here, I guess it won’t hurt me,’ thought Guzel. Then he
picked up a book. On the book it is gilded, “My dear Queen. Every wish is a command for

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me,” he wrote. “I wish I could see my father right now!” “As soon as Beauty said that aloud,
her father’s image appeared in the mirror at the other end of the room. In this way, Güzel’s
sense of loneliness and homesickness disappeared a little. At dinner that night, the Beast
appeared. “Will you let me watch you, Beautiful?” he asked. “You own this place,” said
Guzel. “No,” said the Beast. “My castle is at your disposal. If you want, I’ll go right away.”The monster hesitated for a moment. “I’m only going to ask one thing. Do you find me very
ugly?” Well, before she didn’t know what to say. Then he looked up at the Beast. “I didn’t
want to say this, but I have to tell the truth. Yes, I find it ugly,” he said. When Fine had
finished eating, the Beast said, “Will you marry me?” he asked. “No Monster, never,” said
Beautiful. The sound of the beast resounded throughout the castle as it sighed deeply. Every
night at nine o’clock the Beast would come to talk to Beauty. As the days passed, Guzel
noticed that she was getting used to the Beast. She even wondered about him when he was late. ‘I wish,’ he was saying, ‘it wasn’t so ugly! If only he hadn’t proposed to me! Because
Beauty was terrified of the sound the Beast made when he turned down his proposal. “You
may not love me, but you must promise not to leave me,” said the monster one day. Three
months passed like this, each day alike. Then one day, Beauty saw in the mirror that her father
was sick. He immediately told the Beast that he wanted to go home to look after his father.
“You can go, Fine,” said the Beast. “But you do know that if you don’t come back, I will die
of grief, right? I’m afraid you will want to stay with your father and will not return. But if you
change your mind and want to go back, simply put your ring on the coffee table next to your
bed. In the morning you will open your eyes in my castle.” “I’ll be back in a week, promise,”
said Guzel. The next morning, Güzel opened her eyes in her own bed at her father’s house.

His father was very happy to see him in front of him, he felt better. That afternoon, his
recently married sisters came to visit their father. When they came home and saw their father’s
only daughter in front of them, they broke out with jealousy and anger. “Listen!” said one of
the two brothers. “Let’s play him a game. Let’s make him stay here for another week. Then the
Beast will come and kill him.” Instead of yelling and slandering her, the two brothers put
onions in their eyes and confronted


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Because one day, when you get old, I will need that pancake. I would try to be more
knowledgeable, show more compassion. I would go on walks with him more and fly kites
with him. Instead of being serious with him, I would play with him. I would run with him in

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the fields and watch the stars.I’d let him gain self-esteem first, then try to buy a house. I
wouldn’t always be harsh on him, I would approve and encourage him more. I would teach
less about strength and more about love,

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Dr. In the following article published in the Journal

of the American Medical Association, Ruskin describes how a ridiculous misunderstanding
can create an entirely different sense of approach. Dr. Paul Ruskin, while teaching his

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students the psychological signs of aging, read to them the following incident: The patient
neither speaks nor understands what is being said. Sometimes incomprehensible things

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mumble for hours. There is no concept of time, place or person. However, he somehow reacts
when his name is called. I’ve been with her for the past six months and she doesn’t make any
effort to look after her or help with her grooming. Others are always feeding, washing and dressing him. They have no teeth, food must be given in puree. His shirt is constantly stained

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from his saliva. It’s not running. His sleep is always irregular. He wakes up in the middle of
the night and wakes everyone up with his screams. Most of the time he is happy and loving,
but sometimes he gets angry for no apparent reason. Figen yells until he comes and calms

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her.Different approachesAfter reading this incident, Ruskin asked his students if they were willing to take on the care of such a person. The students said that they could not do this. The
students were surprised when Ruskin said that he did it with great pleasure and that they

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should too. Then Ruskin began to circulate the patient’s photograph. In the photograph was
the doctor’s six-legged daughter. In a distant village, there was a pregnant woman living
alone, whose husband had died before her child was born. The woman started to feed a weasel
she found injured on the mountain in her house to be her friend. The weasel would never leave her side even for a moment. Although not a domestic animal, it was quite tame. A few
months later, the woman’s child was born. It was quite difficult, she, to bear all the hardships
alone and take care of her baby. Days passed. One day, the woman had to leave the house,
even for a few minutes, and leave her baby at home. The weasel and the baby were left alone
at home. Some time passed and the mother came home. She saw the weasel and its bloody
mouth. As if the mother had gone mad, she attacked the weasel and killed it on the spot. Just
then, a baby’s voice was heard from the room inside. The mother went into the room And she
saw the cradle, the baby in the cradle, and the dismembered snake standing next to the baby in
the room. One night, a woman was waiting at the airport. There was still a long time before her plane took off. She bought a book and a pack of cookies from the airport shop and found a
place to sit. Although she was immersed in her book, She realized that the man sitting next to
her was taking a cookie from the package between them, as boldly as she could; no matter
how much he ignores it. While she was reading her book and eating her cookies, she kept her
eyes on the clock. While the cookie thief was slowly consuming the cookies, the woman’s ear
was on the clock ticking; but the ticks still didn’t stop him from getting angry. She thought to herself; If I wasn’t a nice person, I would have blacked out that man’s eye! Each time she
reached for a cookie, the man held out his hand. Finally, when there is only one cookie left in
the package, let’s see what she will do now. He said to himself.The Cookie Thiefman, with a
nervous smile on his face, reached for the last cookie and cut it in half. The woman snatched
the cookie from the man’s hand and said, “Oh my God, what a daring and rude man; and not
even a thank you! she thought. She couldn’t remember ever being this angry in her life. When
it was announced that the plane was going to take off, he took a deep breath and relaxed. He
packed his things and walked to the exit door. He didn’t even look back at the cookie thief.


Stalker 2

The countdown has now begun for STALKER 2, which is among the highly anticipated games of the coming year. Developed by GSC Game World, the production wanted to enter an industry that has been gaining in popularity recently. The developers who planned the NFT faced harsh reactions from the fans.

Players criticized the studio’s moves quite fiercely. A step back may have been taken for the time being, regarding the project, which currently seems difficult and costly. GSC Game World apologized to fans in a statement on Twitter.

The studio, which shared a post to explain the system at first, gave up on this situation as the reactions did not stop. Considering rewarding NFTs purchased by players, the company would add collector investors to the game. But the backlash at the end of the day has, for now, taken a step back from GSC Game World.

GSC Game World’s step back made the fans a little bit happy. The studio, which seriously wants to establish metaverse plans, is returning empty-handed for now. It is estimated that the company may want to make such a move again in the future. STALKER 2, which has bypassed a growing sector for now, will be released on April 28, 2022. One of the most important developments regarding the game is the company’s agreement with Microsoft.

Because STALKER 2 will be included in Xbox Game Pass from the first day of its release. Let’s see if the production that the players have been waiting for many years will meet the expectations. We’ll wait and see.

How do you guys respond to the NFT move of GSC Game World? You can tell us your opinions about the increasing interest in NFT in the game world. South Korean gaming company Nexon has partnered with crypto payment broker BitPay to accept various cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin for in-game items, according to a press release from its US subsidiary, Nexon America.

Saying that he expects these new connectivity and payment tools to improve and enhance the in-game experience for users, BitPay CEO Stephen Pair made the following statement: Our agreement with Nexon America to manage crypto payments for in-game items will provide a great experience for players.