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Because one day, when you get old, I will need that pancake. I would try to be more
knowledgeable, show more compassion. I would go on walks with him more and fly kites
with him. Instead of being serious with him, I would play with him. I would run with him in
the fields and watch the stars.I’d let him gain self-esteem first, then try to buy a house. I
wouldn’t always be harsh on him, I would approve and encourage him more. I would teach
less about strength and more about love, Dr. In the following article published in the Journal

of the American Medical Association, Ruskin describes how a ridiculous misunderstanding
can create an entirely different sense of approach. Dr. Paul Ruskin, while teaching his
students the psychological signs of aging, read to them the following incident: The patient
neither speaks nor understands what is being said. Sometimes incomprehensible things
mumble for hours. There is no concept of time, place or person. However, he somehow reacts
when his name is called. I’ve been with her for the past six months and she doesn’t make any
effort to look after her or help with her grooming. Others are always feeding, washing and dressing him. They have no teeth, food must be given in puree. His shirt is constantly stained
from his saliva. It’s not running. His sleep is always irregular. He wakes up in the middle of
the night and wakes everyone up with his screams. Most of the time he is happy and loving,
but sometimes he gets angry for no apparent reason. Figen yells until he comes and calms her.Different approachesAfter reading this incident, Ruskin asked his students if they were willing to take on the care of such a person. The students said that they could not do this. The
students were surprised when Ruskin said that he did it with great pleasure and that they should too. Then Ruskin began to circulate the patient’s photograph. In the photograph was
the doctor’s six-legged daughter. In a distant village, there was a pregnant woman living
alone, whose husband had died before her child was born. The woman started to feed a weasel
she found injured on the mountain in her house to be her friend. The weasel would never leave her side even for a moment. Although not a domestic animal, it was quite tame. A few
months later, the woman’s child was born. It was quite difficult, she, to bear all the hardships
alone and take care of her baby. Days passed. One day, the woman had to leave the house,
even for a few minutes, and leave her baby at home. The weasel and the baby were left alone
at home. Some time passed and the mother came home. She saw the weasel and its bloody
mouth. As if the mother had gone mad, she attacked the weasel and killed it on the spot. Just
then, a baby’s voice was heard from the room inside. The mother went into the room And she
saw the cradle, the baby in the cradle, and the dismembered snake standing next to the baby in
the room. One night, a woman was waiting at the airport. There was still a long time before her plane took off. She bought a book and a pack of cookies from the airport shop and found a
place to sit. Although she was immersed in her book, She realized that the man sitting next to
her was taking a cookie from the package between them, as boldly as she could; no matter
how much he ignores it. While she was reading her book and eating her cookies, she kept her
eyes on the clock. While the cookie thief was slowly consuming the cookies, the woman’s ear
was on the clock ticking; but the ticks still didn’t stop him from getting angry. She thought to herself; If I wasn’t a nice person, I would have blacked out that man’s eye! Each time she
reached for a cookie, the man held out his hand. Finally, when there is only one cookie left in
the package, let’s see what she will do now. He said to himself.The Cookie Thiefman, with a
nervous smile on his face, reached for the last cookie and cut it in half. The woman snatched
the cookie from the man’s hand and said, “Oh my God, what a daring and rude man; and not
even a thank you! she thought. She couldn’t remember ever being this angry in her life. When
it was announced that the plane was going to take off, he took a deep breath and relaxed. He
packed his things and walked to the exit door. He didn’t even look back at the cookie thief.