Stalker 2

The countdown has now begun for STALKER 2, which is among the highly anticipated games of the coming year. Developed by GSC Game World, the production wanted to enter an industry that has been gaining in popularity recently. The developers who planned the NFT faced harsh reactions from the fans.

Players criticized the studio’s moves quite fiercely. A step back may have been taken for the time being, regarding the project, which currently seems difficult and costly. GSC Game World apologized to fans in a statement on Twitter.

The studio, which shared a post to explain the system at first, gave up on this situation as the reactions did not stop. Considering rewarding NFTs purchased by players, the company would add collector investors to the game. But the backlash at the end of the day has, for now, taken a step back from GSC Game World.

GSC Game World’s step back made the fans a little bit happy. The studio, which seriously wants to establish metaverse plans, is returning empty-handed for now. It is estimated that the company may want to make such a move again in the future. STALKER 2, which has bypassed a growing sector for now, will be released on April 28, 2022. One of the most important developments regarding the game is the company’s agreement with Microsoft.

Because STALKER 2 will be included in Xbox Game Pass from the first day of its release. Let’s see if the production that the players have been waiting for many years will meet the expectations. We’ll wait and see.

How do you guys respond to the NFT move of GSC Game World? You can tell us your opinions about the increasing interest in NFT in the game world. South Korean gaming company Nexon has partnered with crypto payment broker BitPay to accept various cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin for in-game items, according to a press release from its US subsidiary, Nexon America.

Saying that he expects these new connectivity and payment tools to improve and enhance the in-game experience for users, BitPay CEO Stephen Pair made the following statement: Our agreement with Nexon America to manage crypto payments for in-game items will provide a great experience for players.