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“The girl’s father was a return
from Rum. My father objected, ‘I do not add Greek blood to my lineage’… Maybe it was
right. Since Gönül did not listen to the edict, we decided to kidnap the girl… I had

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intermediary women. Bringer of news. I learned from them that the girl would come to the

fountain the next day. On the other hand, the girl has henna preparation. This is over, we
said we should prevent it.” There is a narrow street between the girl’s house and Kuruçeşme.
We pulled the car to the end of the street. We had already shoeed the horses the day

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before. The girl filled the jugs with water and put them on her shoulder. The street is
narrow, there is no place to flee. It’s early in the morning. I got the girl. I hit the wall. The
water jugs on his shoulder were broken. I hugged him and threw him in the car. We whipped the horses. We set off… The coachman lost his way. He turned to Eskişehir road. Already the

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coachman Rasheed had epilepsy. He has a seizure, trembling. I cover the girl’s mouth with
one hand and hold Rasheed with the other. I will grab the halter and get on the horses, but this time the others will fall from the carriage. The horses are running stray. Suddenly, a
truck appeared in the opposite direction. Seeing the truck, the horses were startled, the car

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left the main road and turned into the forest road… We call it Kızıltepe Forest, The forest onthe other side. Meanwhile, the nation was after us. The gendarme turned the cavalry from
one side; On the other hand, the relatives of the girl’s fiancé came upon us… We had to
surrender.” I was sentenced to one year. The year is 1944, the single-party period… I started singing folk songs with saz during my first twenty-seven days in prison in Seyitgazi. The song

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spilled out of the prison. The folk song has become so famous that Eskişehir is collapsing… As
I finish my day and leave, Hakkı Efendi, that is, the girl’s father, sends news and says, ‘He
should come to us when he is released, let’s talk’. But my father refuses. I did not go to them
by taking my father in front of me.” “I am seeing the girl, but I did not go to her father. In
fact, I never forget, the girl sent me a circle through intermediaries. I realized it wouldn’thappen, my father refuses, I left the land in 1948 and went to Ankara.” Mustafa Tuna is
getting married. The girl he loves is also getting married. He returned to Seyitgazi after many
years. He doesn’t want to say the name of the woman he loves. Because he used to live
there, too. Here are some parts of the famous folk song: “Your eyebrows are black, your
edicts are written, / This love will take me around the land, / If Lokman Physician comes, mywound will hurt, / Heal my wound, let him come by himself” Nenni! Nanni, nanni!. Baby
nanni! A bunch of red rose petals! If you ask how it is, you need to open the language of the
song…You have to go and ask the song: “O what is the song, this bunch of red roses and
nenni!. Baby granny… Balam, granny”. Does this bunch of roses and reds convey a feeling to
your lover? Why are red roses and not prairie daisies? A bunch of red roses, rather than
daisies gathered from the field, like an ox-eye, wrapped in white, straight wrapped? Don’t
they have a love language? They fold the emoticon rose… But only one!. Wouldn’t you saythat you are my only rose, the place in my heart is as wide as the wildflowers, as rich and
natural as the wildflowers? But we will not know better than you!. You chose a red rose. And
a bunch of bunches… Oh, and there’s also the issue of ‘balam’! You say baby… You say
‘Grandma’, you say ‘He’s gone’. Or is this a mother’s call to her honeymoon and her baby?
Was it said about the honeymoon left in Şol Revan? REVAN, with its current name YEREVAN,
that is, the capital of Armenia today. When the event that is the subject of our Turks
happened, it is probably after the 17th century.