At home, the two selfish sisters did not move a finger as they listened to their father’s
terrible adventures. Their father did not bring them clothes and jewellery, they were furious.
But Güzel did not do like them. “Father, let me go,” he said without hesitation. “Of course


you’re going, it’s your fault,” said his brothers. “The Beast wouldn’t have thought of killing
our father if you hadn’t pinned it because I wanted a rose.” Three months later, the merchant went to the castle with Guzel. Everything was as he saw it for the first time: there was no one
else around, the table was ready. When they finished eating their food, the Beast appeared.

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Beauty began to tremble with fear, for the Beast was as terrifying as his father had told him,
and even more terrifying! “Did you come here voluntarily?” asked the Monster. “Yes,” said
Beautiful. “Then your father will leave here in the morning and will never come here again.”
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In the morning, when her father leaves, Güzel is left alone. She cried for a while at first, but
then she remembered her dream and relaxed a little. “Don’t worry, your courage to save your father’s life will not go unrewarded,” a fairy told him in his dream. Maybe I’ll get used to this
life,’ she thought, a little bit of her joy. He wandered in the garden, looking at the roses, and

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he was filled with sadness. Then he toured the inside of the castle. He was very surprised to
see his name written on one of the room doors. He opened the door and looked inside. The
room was furnished exactly as he wanted it, full of books and musical instruments. ‘Since the
beast is trying to make me comfortable here, I guess it won’t hurt me,’ thought Guzel. Then he


picked up a book. On the book it is gilded, “My dear Queen. Every wish is a command for
me,” he wrote. “I wish I could see my father right now!” “As soon as Beauty said that aloud,
her father’s image appeared in the mirror at the other end of the room. In this way, Güzel’s
sense of loneliness and homesickness disappeared a little. At dinner that night, the Beast
appeared. “Will you let me watch you, Beautiful?” he asked. “You own this place,” said
Guzel. “No,” said the Beast. “My castle is at your disposal. If you want, I’ll go right away.”The monster hesitated for a moment. “I’m only going to ask one thing. Do you find me very
ugly?” Well, before she didn’t know what to say. Then he looked up at the Beast. “I didn’t
want to say this, but I have to tell the truth. Yes, I find it ugly,” he said. When Fine had
finished eating, the Beast said, “Will you marry me?” he asked. “No Monster, never,” said
Beautiful. The sound of the beast resounded throughout the castle as it sighed deeply. Every
night at nine o’clock the Beast would come to talk to Beauty. As the days passed, Guzel
noticed that she was getting used to the Beast. She even wondered about him when he was late. ‘I wish,’ he was saying, ‘it wasn’t so ugly! If only he hadn’t proposed to me! Because
Beauty was terrified of the sound the Beast made when he turned down his proposal. “You
may not love me, but you must promise not to leave me,” said the monster one day. Three
months passed like this, each day alike. Then one day, Beauty saw in the mirror that her father
was sick. He immediately told the Beast that he wanted to go home to look after his father.
“You can go, Fine,” said the Beast. “But you do know that if you don’t come back, I will die
of grief, right? I’m afraid you will want to stay with your father and will not return. But if you
change your mind and want to go back, simply put your ring on the coffee table next to your
bed. In the morning you will open your eyes in my castle.” “I’ll be back in a week, promise,”
said Guzel. The next morning, Güzel opened her eyes in her own bed at her father’s house.

His father was very happy to see him in front of him, he felt better. That afternoon, his
recently married sisters came to visit their father. When they came home and saw their father’s
only daughter in front of them, they broke out with jealousy and anger. “Listen!” said one of
the two brothers. “Let’s play him a game. Let’s make him stay here for another week. Then the
Beast will come and kill him.” Instead of yelling and slandering her, the two brothers put
onions in their eyes and confronted